iTools 4

All-in-one solution for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Management

iTools 4 can be considered as an excellent alternative available for iTunes. This is a complete and a user friendly option available for the people who own iPod, iPhones and iPads to manage their devices. A person will not have to jailbreak the devices in order to download and install iTools 4. On the other hand, it is not required to get hands on iTunes because iTools 4 is designed to offer the same functionality.

iTools 4 can be download for free. This tool would not ask to purchase a subscription to use any of its functionalities.

iTools 4 Smart Manager

A person using iTools 4 will be provided with the ability to backup and transfer multimedia data such as photos, videos, music, notes, contacts, apps and books in between the iOS powered devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. On the other hand, it would be possible to share data along with PC as well.

iTools 4 can also be used to back up the existing apps, while installing and uninstalling the existing ones. It is in a position to take backups of folders and restore them as well. All the iOS users would agree to the fact that iTunes need a tool similar to Windows File Explorer. The developers of iTools 4 have figured it out. As a result, all iOS users are provided with the ability to manage their files in a convenient manner.

This amazing tool is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod models available in the market. Therefore, any iOS user can think about downloading and installing iTools 4 without keeping any doubt on mind.

What's In iTools 4

iTunes access

People who download and install iTools 4 will not have to use iTunes any longer to access the backup files. ITools 4 has the ability to access all your iTunes backup files. Therefore, users would be provided with the opportunity to gain access to all their old media files and other data.

Data migrate

Along with Data Migrate feature, iOS users would be provided with the ability to share data across multiple devices. They don't need to be iOS devices. It is even possible to transfer data between PC and iOS devices.

App management

App management feature allows the users of iTools 4 to take control over all the applications installed within the devices. In other words, a person would be provided with the ability to view the apps and edit them as per personal preferences.

Faster optimization

Junk files have the ability to slow down any device. This fact is true for iOS powered devices as well. However, it would no longer be an issue because iTools 4 provides the ability to help users get rid of junk files in the iOS device. This can deliver a better and a faster device to them.

Portable hard disk

People who use iTools 4 would not come across the need to purchase a portable hard drive to store their files. That's because they can use this tool and transform the iPhone, iPad or iPod into a portable disk.

Battery master

It would be possible to get a complete dashboard view of the battery along with iTools 4. This dashboard would provide almost all the information that a user should know about the battery life of iPhone, iPod or iPad. In addition, it can provide useful insights, which can help a person to keep the battery healthy.

Real time desktop

The desktop of iPhone, iPod or iPhone can easily be projected into the computer desktop with iTools 4. It would be a real time feed, which can help people to get most of their work done with minimum hassle.

Music transfer

Music files that are stored in between PC or Mac can easily be shared across iPad, iPod or iPhone with the help of iTools 4. This is one of the most efficient methods available to transfer music files as well. It is also an effective solution.

Firmware download

By using iTools 4, people can easily download the latest firmware for their iPhones, iPads or iPods. This tool is intelligent enough to recognize your device automatically and initiate the download. This can help users to keep peace of mind when using iTools 4.

Custom ringtone maker

With the help of iTools 4, it would be possible for the users to create their own customized ringtones. When a user comes across a favorite sound track, he just needs to use the custom ringtone maker of iTools 4 to set up that track as the ringtone of the device. This can keep users away from the hassle of sticking to the set of ringtones that come along with the device.

File explorer

This can be considered as one of the most prominent features that come along with iTools 4. With this features, users will be able to view the file system as well as the system directory. This can help them to manage all the files and folders in an efficient manner. On the other hand, it can help them to get a better understanding about the device as well.

Real time log

ITools 4 provides detailed insights about iPhone, iPad or iPod to its users. The users just need to take a look at the log to get these details. This log would let the users know whether the system is running without any issues or not. In addition, there is a separate crash log, which can be used to triage the issues.

itools 4 install

How to Install iTools 4?

Step 01

As the first step, a person should visit iTools 4 download and get the setup file. It can be downloaded for free.

Step 02

When the iTools 4 setup is successfully downloaded to the computer, the user can go ahead and double click it. Then a blue colored screen would come and the user just needs to select "Install" button.

Step 03

When this button is selected, iTools 4 would be installed on the computer. At the end of successful installation, the application would open automatically.

Step 04

After opening iTools 4 for the first time, you will be able to see a notification that indicates the drive installation. It would take few minutes to complete based on the speed of internet connection. In fact, all the drivers need to be downloaded for configuring.

Step 05

When all the drivers are downloaded successfully, it is possible to move ahead and start using iTools 4.

iTools 4 Screenshots

Why select iTools 4?

100% secure

iTools 4 is a 100% secure app and it would never cause any negative impact on the devices or lead the owners of the devices to hassle. To ensure this, the developers of iTools 4 have introduced advanced fraud protection and complete encryption capabilities.

Free lifetime support

iTools 4 comes along with free lifetime support. It includes both technical support as well as free lifetime updates. Whenever a user comes across an issue, solution can be obtained from the support team.


User friendly

iTools 4 is a user friendly option than iTunes. It offers tons of useful features to the people within a simple and a properly organized interface. The interface of iTools 4 is self-explanatory as well.

Download iTools 4

ITools 4 is a useful and a powerful application available for the individuals who own iOS powered devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods. The features offered by iTools 4 can help those individuals to make their lives easy. In fact, it would be possible for them to avoid frustration and hassle that would pop up while using the devices. Download iTools 4 with below download button.

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